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About Vaijantimala
Vyjanthimala was born in a Tamil-speaking family in
Chennai, India, on August 13, 1936. At the age of 4,
she got the rare chance of performing a dance before
the Pope. Then at the age of 15, while in her final
year at school, she was signed-up by family friend,
M.V. Raman, for a role in a Tamil film 'Vazhkai'. This
movie was successful at the box office and was re-made
in Hindi during 1951 and released as 'Bahaar'. Since
her entry into films from 1949, this actress, who is
also proficient in Bharat Natyam, has appeared in
approximately 62 movies, the majority of them in the
Hindi language. Her career spanned from 1949 through to
1989. She has received a total of five awards for her
performances in 'Devdas', 'Sadhna', 'Ganga Jamuna', and
'Sangam', as well as a lifetime achievement award
during 1995. Her dance numbers, such as 'Hothon Pe
Aisi Baat Main Dabake Chali Aai...', 'Man Doley Mera
Tan Doley...'; 'Chad Gaiyo Paapi Bichua...'; 'Main Ka
Karu Ram Mujhey Buddha Mil Gaya' continue to be popular
even today. She made waves when she appeared in a
bikini in 'Sangam'. She also paved the way for other
South Indian actresses, like Hema Malini, Rekha,
Sridevi, etc. to make a transition to Bollywood. Her
career was managed by her grandmother, Yadugiri
Devi. She married Raj Kapoor's personal physician, Dr.
Chamanlal Bali after he divorced his first wife and
re-located to Chennai, where she gave birth to a son,
Suchindra. After quitting films, Vyjantimala took up
shrimp farming, opened up a dance academy, even took an
active interest in politics, and with the backing of
Indira Gandhi's Congress Party was elected Member of
Parliament during the 1980s. She chose to quit politics
due to principled differences during 1999. After the
passing of her husband, she now resides in Chennai,
with her son, who is an aspiring actor in his own
right, and has removed herself completely from
Bollywood, in particular, and movies in general, though
she could have easily continued on for another
decade. One of her hits 'Naya Daur', originally in
Black & White, has now been colorized, and
re-released. In 2007, she published her autobiography
titled "Bonding," where she revealed that she didn't
have an affair with Raj Kapoor, her leading man and
director from "Sangam" (1964).
Real Name
Date of Birth
13th Aug 1936
Birth Place
Madras, Tamil Nadu
Film Actress
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